• 2 days to turn you from pharmacists to owners

    2 days to turn you from pharmacists to owners

Next bootcamp on February 3 & 4 in Dayton, Ohio

When preparing for a marathon you only have a certain amount of time to train before the race. We only have two days to turn you from pharmacists to owners. Like marathon training, our pharmacy boot camp is intense and essential. Unlike the marathon, our training is informal and fun - while still gaining useful skills. We cover all the essential aspects of ownership while giving you an opportunity to ask all your questions plus develop a peer group with your fellow attendees. Just as a marathon runner has a completely different perspective than a casual jogger, you can transform your view of the business from a pharmacist to that of a successful owner.


Saturday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

Accounting 101 - Understanding the Profit & Amp; Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statement.

We will take you through each of these statements and provide you with enough knowledge to use them to improve your pharmacy and so that you can have an intelligent conversation with your accountant.

3 Things - Have a profitable pharmacy by focusing on just 3 areas of your business.

As a business owner you are pulled in many directions and there are so many ideas to think about but we have found if you focus on Revenue, Cost of Inventory and Expenses you will have a profitable business for the long term. In this session take a look at each and determine how they affect a pharmacies profitability and then outline what to do to improve upon them.

Inventory Management – Learn how to better manage your inventory.

Inventory accounts for 75% of a pharmacies expenses and takes up most of the cash. Managing inventory properly will be the difference between making money and not making money.

Managing Staff – Learn how to get more out of your employees.

In this section we outline how to create a great culture within your pharmacy using the principles of the One Minute Manager.

Basics of the Wholesale Agreement

Again managing the cost of inventory is the difference between making money and not making money. 90% of your inventory is purchased through your primary wholesaler and yet most owners do not understand the agreement they have. In this section we outline how a wholesale agreement works.

Sunday 8:30 am to 12:00 pm

Third Party Payers – Understanding PBM’s and insurance contracts.

75% of a pharmacies revenue is paid by a third party and yet most owners do not understand how a third party insurance or PBM pays them. In this session we will provide you a foundation which should help you improve revenue and profitability.

Human Resources

Many small businesses including pharmacies ignore Human Resources however this can be costly and also damaging to the culture of your business. Having the proper documents for all employees will prevent large problems in the future. You can also use this documentation to set expectations for new employees. We will discuss the importance of Human Resources and provide you documentation and tools to make it easy to do.

Control Drug Policies and Procedures

When it comes to controlled drugs every detail is essential. Learn how to protect yourself from employee theft, DEA Audits and Robberies.

Audits – How to prevent and protect against audits.

A lot of good work can be wasted by a tiny clerical error. In this session we will outline the current audit triggers, provide tools that will help ensure the staff is following procedures and outline what to do when you receive an audit notice.

Implement all the above with 10 Great Habits.

We will provide you with 10 habits that if you implement each week, month, quarter and year you will have a pharmacy that is safe, profitable, legal and great place to work.

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