Pharmacy Starting/Buying, Accounting, & Selling Services

Newly launching or already established, welcome to your trusted and proven partner for starting/buying, accounting services or selling your pharmacy.

A partner with an extensive history of owning & operating over 30 of their own pharmacies!

IRx Pharmacy Accounting & Consulting

Services Offerings

IRx Pharmacy Data Dashboards

Giving you a unique and powerful advantage in managing your pharmacy

IRx offers the dashboard in two manners - where you start is up to you!

1. Included in the Pharmacy Accounting Services Bundle
  • Your one stop for an overview of your pharmacy performance
  • The most important information, clearly delivered but not information overload
  • Five dashboards consolidating Pharmacy System, Financial and Payroll data for a comprehensive view of your business
  • Financial Statement Library
  • Monthly performance insights
  • Web and Mobile Views
2. IRx Performance Dashboard - Pharmacy System Data Only
  • A Dashboard focused on clearly presenting your pharmacy system dispensing data enabling you to make smarter business decisions.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

A very small sample of the more than 50 Dashboard KPIs and data points.

IRx Learning Center

At IRx, we feel industry leading knowledge should be shared.

The first step to owning or improving a business is education. Use our variety of resources to understand pharmacy locations, financing and loans, how to better use financials and key operational data.

Get Started with Free Educational Downloads

Keep Learning with IRx!

Keep up to date on industry news, new business of pharmacy educational resources and new offerings from us!  Our intent is for you to achieve greater success.

The Pharmacy Ownership Life Cycle

IRx Consulting offers a broad range of Pharmacy Management Services in all phases of the pharmacy ownership life cycle.  

We are a unique, “one stop shop” providing our clients the flexibility to engage us for only the services they need. Many clients leverage IRx for all phases of the life cycle while others join us wherever they are presently at to achieve their goals.

We own pharmacies ourselves and provide our clients with services that we use for our own pharmacies.

Start | Buy a Pharmacy
Buying or starting a pharmacy will be one of the biggest decisions you may ever make, however it can also be one of the most rewarding. There are challenges around every corner, and consistently reinforces the "don't know what you don't know" mantra during every step of the process. We're your partners to help you successfully launch your journey.
Growth & Management
Pharmacy Accounting, Data Dashboards, & Operational Consulting
Running a business is tough. Owning, managing and optimizing a pharmacy is a whole new ball game. IRx Consulting provides pharmacy accounting & data reporting services alongside operational consulting from executives who have done so successfully.
Growth & Management
Sell Your Pharmacy
Sell | Prepare to Sell Your Pharmacy
You only have one chance to sell your pharmacy. We know because we have sold some of our pharmacies. Most want to have their legacy continue or to maximize the value. To achieve these goals you need to provide buyers with good data, whether it be quality financials or operational. Let us help you start preparing whether you plan to exit now, in five to ten years, or even longer.
Sell Your Pharmacy