IRx Performance Dashboard

Thank You and Welcome Aboard!

We appreciate your subscription to the Independent Rx Consulting Performance Dashboard.  We are certain you will find insight and value in the information that ultimately will assist you in identifying business trends and making business decisions. 

What to expect next

  • IRx will begin the data feed with your pharmacy system provider.  If you utilize the Rx30 pharmacy system, an IRx representative will contact you to begin the data feed.
  • Upon receiving the first data feed, you will receive a Welcome email from the IRx Performance Dashboard system.  This usually occurs on Monday of the week following your enrollment (occasionally it may be the second Monday of the week following your enrollment date). This email will contain a link which allows you to establish your password to access your IRx Performance Dashboard.  Please note that the IRx Performance Dashboard login is separate from the your login here at the IRx Consulting website (here at the IRx Consulting website is where you may manage your subscription).
  • Each Monday evening thereafter you will receive an email containing an attached PDF of your online dashboard for the prior week. You may also access the dashboard online at any time.
  • If you would like additional individuals to also have access to the IRx Performance Dashboard and/or receive the weekly email, update this information in your member profile.  Alternatively you may send an email with the individual(s) name and email address to the support email listed below.

If you have any questions please reach out via the contact information below:

  • Email – 
  • Online Chat
  • Phone – 937.525.0175