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Does your Accountant Talk to your Pharmacy System

We receive calls every day in our buy a pharmacy service from seller accountants saying sorry the computer system being used is really difficult and so I never know if the cost of goods are right or what revenue to pull as there are several reports for revenue. We get this call from hospital outpatient pharmacies as well.

The tough part about pharmacy systems is that they are built to dispense prescriptions safely and efficiently. They are not designed to be business tools. As such, you the owner, needs to either understand the reporting in the pharmacy system or find an accountant that does understand pharmacy systems, not just one system but all the key players. In addition to this you as an owner need to implement processes which ensure data integrity.
Examples include, how is cost data entered into the system when receiving from secondary wholesalers and is an EDI feed setup from the wholesaler that includes rebates. An accountant that understands pharmacy systems can help you improve this process giving you better data to make better decisions!



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