Don’t Forget the Paper Towels When Opening a Pharmacy

Remember the Paper Towels when you start a pharmacy?

You are starting a pharmacy, no starting a business. You have put your life savings into the business, put up your house to secure a loan and you quit your high paying pharmacist job at the chain. As such you have meticulously reviewed every item that needs done, picked an accountant, choose a pharmacy system created a brand, ordered drugs, gained licenses etc, etc. You open the first day spill coffee all over the drop-off counter and have no paper towels to clean it up. You had that feeling in the back of your head that you were forgetting something. That’s because you were and that is okay. It’s the first time you have ever done this. The first time you rode a bike you probably crashed or fell over. It’s hard not to make a mistake the first time you do something because you have no experience.

The fact is there is a lot that goes into opening a business, like not forgetting the paper towels on the first day. There are so many things that can be overlooked and it is easy to overlook them with so much going on, grand opening, PR, marketing, training, stocking shelves, cleaning, etc. It is rarely the big things that people miss (everyone has their sign) but it may be the small items that cost you. What about toilet paper, you have to go to the bathroom and can’t leave pharmacy without closing. Other items you may want to add to this list include change for the first day, register tape, pens, staples, vials and state labor laws.



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