Poor Employee

Don’t let the Pot Stirrer Ruin your Pharmacy Business

We hear it be called many things, the bad apple, the complainer, we call it the pot stirrer.

This is a person on your team that causes headaches for every other person. In many cases this person will be your best tech in terms of production and customer service. But be careful because they may be great but they are making you less productive.

How do you know if you have a pot stirrer? Here are some indicators:

  • they complain about everything, weather, traffic, customers, being busy, being slow.
  • they will not share their expertise. These people do not want others to know how they do things because they think it makes them more valuable.
  • they make small remarks about other employees.

Most independent pharmacies are small. You have 8 people working behind a counter with 1, 000 sq ft or less. As such having someone who cannot get along with others is a business killer and cannot be tolerated. So if you have this person and they cannot change their ways, we recommend seriously considering letting them go as the rest of the staff will be happier and more productive because if it.

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