Get all your Accounting and Pharmacy System Data Consolidated on your Phone

Getting a proper Profit & Loss statement and Balance sheet every month on a timely basis from your accountant is very important. These statements however only provide you half the picture as to how your pharmacy business performed in any given month. You need to pull data from your pharmacy system to really understand the performance of your business.

Data like:
  • how many scripts you filled, revenue per prescription
  • gross margin per prescription, top payers
  • brand vs. generic
  • tech hours
  • tech payroll dollars per prescription
  • top drugs and more

This data informs you why your business performed or did not.

Many owners do not pull this data because they simply do not have the time to pull all the reports and then consolidate the data. The good news is as a pharmacy owner you no longer have to do this because Independent Rx Consulting has a pharmacy accounting dashboard that pulls data from your financials, pharmacy system, and payroll systems for you. The dashboard consolidates the data and displays the information in an easy to read format on your phone or computer.  Additionally the system emails you the weekly performance summary Overview Dashboard every week!

At IRx Consulting we are Accounting experts and offer a comprehensive Pharmacy Accounting service with a suite of complimentary services including Data Dashboards, Payroll & Human Resources and Pharmacy Management consulting.



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