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How an Accountant who Knows Pharmacy Can Help You Grow

Most people do not consider accountants to be the segment of their business that causes growth. This is sales and marketing to most.

But sales and marketing (or you as the pharmacy owner more likely) require the information from your accountant in order to know where to focus for growth. As a pharmacy owner (or more correctly stated a small business owner) you have very limited time as you have to perform many roles from pharmacist, to buyer, to marketer, to lead sales person etc. As such when you get the opportunity to spend a couple hours on a particular area it needs to be very focused.

An accountant that provides timely, detailed and accurate information can do this for you. For example having revenue and cost of goods sold broken out by RX, OTC, LTC, & compounding will allow you to know which segment is growing and more importantly which segment makes you the most money. Properly formatted and timely financials can also tell you if and when to hire someone to support growth as well. Lastly, by outsourcing your accounting you no longer spend time entering data in QuickBooks, publishing financials, etc. – thus giving you more time to grow the business.

These are just a few of the ways a proper pharmacy accountant can help you grow. Give us a call if you want to learn more about how we have been helping others and most importantly how we can help you. .



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