Lose your Bookkeeper?

For the past 10 years your bookkeeper has always been there. In many pharmacies he or she is the most valuable and trusted employee. They started as a tech, was outstanding, so you gave them more and more responsibility until at one point they got full access and started doing your books. And for the last 10 years you have been able to concentrate on things that grow your business, take care of your patients or just take a day off.

But now they are gone, retired, moved away, was offered more money. What are you going to do? Most likely there is not a person to replace your most key employee. And even if there was someone is it the best choice. The pharmacy business has changed, DIR fees, GER fees, rebates, multiple wholesalers, etc. Plus you will take this person away from their most important role – taking care of patients and training your employees. What do you do then?

Outsource the bookkeeping, let a trained professional get you timely and accurate financials. Doing so will allow you to make better decisions and keep trained people in roles they know how to do making your business better for you, your customers and your employees.



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