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Outsource Your Pharmacy Accounting and Grow Your Business

It sounds ridiculous that your accountant can help you with sales and marketing. However pharmacy owners for some reason want to do all the accounting, bookkeeping, bill paying, payroll, etc by themselves. But this is not efficient, you as the pharmacy owner are not trained to do accounting you are trained to be a pharmacist and work with patients. It is time to outsource your pharmacy accounting so you can focus on growing your business. In addition to this it is hard to outsource sales & marketing, inventory management, workflow improvement. These are business practices that you as the owner have to be involved in. But if you are in the office entering bills, creating financials, etc you are not spending that valuable time out cross selling to your customers or meeting with a doctor.

Think about the following –  one doctor sending you referrals could pay for 3 accountants. So stop doing the things that can be outsourced and do the things that either cannot or that you can make the biggest impact on.

At IRx Consulting we are Accounting experts and offer a comprehensive Pharmacy Accounting service with a suite of complimentary services including Data Dashboards, Payroll & Human Resources and Pharmacy Management consulting.



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