Pharmacy Accounts Receivable

Should You Sell your Pharmacy’s Accounts Receivable?

As a seller, part of your take home calculation (how much you keep after you sell) is your accounts receivable. When you sell you will either be paid for your accounts receivable by the buyer or you will collect the accounts receivable after the sale and keep it without ever buying more inventory.

The question becomes is it better to sell your accounts receivable to the buyer or just collect it after?

There is not a great answer to this as in the end you will collect what is owed no more or no less. However if the seller purchases your accounts receivable they may only buy 80% or so at closing and then settle up 6 months later so you are waiting on 20% of your money. If you keep the accounts receivable when it comes in over the 2-3 weeks after closing you keep it and as such if you can keep the accounts receivable that is probably your best scenario.



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