Starting or Buying a Pharmacy?

We have consulted on the purchase or opening of over 150 pharmacies.
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Buying A Pharmacy

Buying a pharmacy can be stressful and very nerve wracking. There is so much to learn and think about from the valuation of the business, the purchase agreement and business plans to licensing, insurance contracts and wholesale agreements not to mention you are probably going to take on a loan. Let us be your partners and help you through the journey because we have been there and know how to guide you through it.

Our Deliverables

Buyer Types

First Time Buyer

Do you have a dream of owning your own pharmacy?

You may be someone who has recently graduated from pharmacy school or someone who has worked as a pharmacist for several years now, and has the dream of pharmacy ownership. The biggest challenge that first-time buyers run into is having the necessary cash to purchase a pharmacy. This is where Independent Rx excels given our knowledge and experience working with these types of buyers.

Current Owner

Are you ready to Expand your Pharmacy Ownership?

Multi-store owners are a growing segment within the pharmacy market. Over the last five years, the idea of owning multiple pharmacies has gained traction and the results have shown that it’s a solid business model. Whether you own two pharmacies and are looking for a third, or you own thirty and are looking to grow to forty, there are structures and strategies you can use to leverage your business equity and expand.

Staff Pharmacist

Do you have the opportunity to purchase the pharmacy where you work?

A transition of pharmacy ownership from an owner to an employee makes for an easy transition plan for both the buyer and seller because the buyer is already familiar with the pharmacy, the employees, and, most importantly, the customers. A sale of ownership to an employee can also eliminate what sometimes ends up being a lengthy search process for a buyer. Independent Rx can bring great value to a scenario like this because we are able to work with both the buyer and the seller to facilitate the transfer of ownership in a timely and efficient manner.

Business Investor

Looking to Invest in Pharmacy?

There are many opportunities in the pharmacy market that may fit the criteria you are looking for in a business acquisition. Independent Rx can assist in educating you about the pharmacy industry, so that you can quickly narrow down your search for a store and save time, energy, and money. We may also help you avoid purchasing a pharmacy that isn’t the right investment for you and your partners.

Are you not in need of our Buying Service but still interested in being made aware of pharmacies for sale?  Register as a buyer and we will notify you of future pharmacies that we list for sale that meet your criteria.

Starting A Pharmacy

Starting a pharmacy is really hard but can also be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. Every step is a learning curve from finding a location, leasing a building, obtaining financing to marketing the business for launch to obtaining your PBM contracts. We will be your partner every step of the way and treat it like we were opening the pharmacy ourselves making the journey a lot less stressful and much more fun.

Our Deliverables
Our Process

After many years and guiding over 100 clients through the process of starting or buying a pharmacy, IRx has refined the process to ensure your success.  Just a few highlights are listed below but we encourage you to contact us so we can explain in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. 

  • Weekly calls with IRx consultant
  • Project Board – Fully customized online project board that is fully collaborative with the IRx team which monitors your progress and provides easy visibility into what is done, not done, and is being worked on.
  • Attention To Detail – The Project boards for Starting or buying a pharmacy have over 200 steps with key actions, information and resources necessary to launch your pharmacy!

Key Project Milestones

Starting a Pharmacy

Buying a Pharmacy

Project Plan Summary

Starting a Pharmacy

Buying a Pharmacy

Free Downloads

We have prepared find a collection of pharmacy accounting and financial documents that we hope you find insightful.  Select the document(s) of interest to you and click the Download button and they will be on their way to you!  We hope you find value in them and of course would be happy to discuss these topics with you.