Teaching your Way to Great Management

There is no doubt a pharmacy manager is asked to wear many hats, clinician, health advisor, businessperson, and leader to name a few. We are often so busy that one important aspect of pharmacy management is often overlooked. It is imperative that a pharmacy manager not only be a good teacher but also establish a culture of teaching in their stores.

I frequently see pharmacists who insist that they do the data entry, fix adjudication issues, do the nightly order, and most every other task. When asked why they operate in this manner I may hear because I am the fastest or no-one else knows how to do it. This is a recipe for failure and will lead to burnout, staff dissatisfaction, and ultimately poor customer service. Staff members who work in this environment often feel unappreciated or not worthy of trust and will consistently under perform.

I also see technicians who see themselves as valuable because they are the only ones who can proficiently due a task. This may be true until they go on vacation or have an illness. The most valuable technicians are not the ones who protect their turf but are the ones who can teach others and elevate their team members.

A good pharmacy manager understands that when problems arise, or business grows, their first responsibility is to find a solution not BE the solution.

While simply working harder may get you through a temporary situation, teaching, delegating, and helping your staff achieve will always make your store stronger.



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