The Honest Apothecary Reports that Independent Rx Consulting Fills an Unmet Need in the Community Pharmacy Industry

Providing more than just connecting buyers and sellers, Independent Rx Consulting provides guidance and develops skill-sets for start-up and new acquisition pharmacy owners; providing a previously unmet need in the community pharmacy industry. One of the industry’s most renowned bloggers, The Honest Apothecary, interviews Independent Rx Consulting President, Owen BonDurant.

Chicago, Illinois – June 18, 2013 – Asking for help is okay. Isn’t that what your parents always told you? It is also why Independent Rx Consulting is a business today. Jason Poquette blogger, pharmacist and founder of The Honest Apothecary is often asked by his readers for somewhere to turn for help and guidance on buying or starting a pharmacy. For Jason, it was easy to find that help for his readers through Independent Rx Consulting. A Chicago-based company with a unique approach in providing entrepreneurs of the community pharmacy industry with the skills and knowledge needed to start or expand their business, and position themselves for long-term success.
Read Jason’s entire article and interview with Owen BonDurant, President of Independent Rx Consulting.

With a combined 100 years experience in the pharmacy industry, partners Tim Clark and Owen BonDurant offer two unique options including one for clients who want to start a new pharmacy and another for those looking to acquire a pharmacy. Independent Rx Consulting has managed to fill a void in the market that is unmet by any other company.

“We are a partner, rather than just a company that connects buyers and sellers. Our goal is to work with our clients throughout the process including business plans, obtaining financing, working with wholesalers and helping them find a location. Then, after an opening or a buyout we review financial reports and work with them to create operational efficiencies”, says BonDurant.

What makes Independent Rx Consulting unique is they train to a skill-set for sustained success and their focus is on a basic retail pharmacy, not compounding, not long-term care or other specialties. It is simply providing attention and coaching to the skills needed in operating a retail pharmacy.

With long seeded roots in the industry and after years of owning multiple independent pharmacies, Tim Clark and Owen BonDurant were consistently contacted by new owners and soon-to-be-owners seeking advice. After searching for a company to assist them with growing their own chain of stores, Clark and BonDurant quickly realized there wasn’t such an entity in the market. They weren’t able to find another company that wanted to be a partner and go beyond just connecting buyers and sellers. Soon afterwards, came the birth of Independent Rx Consulting and a new opportunity for the independent pharmacy community.

Independent Rx Consulting is a team who has opened or completed the acquisition of over 17 community pharmacies in less than two years. Their services have managed to fill a desperate need in the industry, and that’s what turned the head of one of the industry’s most renowned bloggers, Jason Poquette of The Honest Apothecary.

Starting a pharmacy is a large investment both financially and emotionally, so why do it alone. Finally, there is a company that has the knowledge, resources and experience to make being an entrepreneur easier. Check-out the Independent Rx Consulting most recent article on “Obtaining Financing For Your New Pharmacy”.

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