The Importance of Systems and Process in a Community Pharmacy

Pharmacy Owners never seem to have enough time. They work the bench, pay bills, manage inventory, pay bills, make deliveries, make sales calls, etc. The ultra successful owners, however, do none of these jobs they only oversee them. Essentially they work on their business rather than in their business.

These “ultra” successful owners can do this because they have systems in place for every little task or responsibility that has to occur in the pharmacy. Whether this is data entry, filling up vials or accounting practices. Having systems allows them to let go of the responsibility, assign to someone else and easily train that individual on how to do the role or task.

Now this is not easy, it takes focus, time and will make you uncomfortable. But mastering this will allow you the pharmacy owner to have the freedom you hoped to have when you got into business for yourself. Plus it will be the biggest driver of growth your business has ever had as it will allow you time to grow the business.

Give it a try, trust that creating systems for everything is one of, if not the most important, roles a business owner can have.



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