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The Three C’s

Joe has worked at the pharmacy for several years. He is the best at data entry by far, and is a good moral person, yet his one flaw seems to be he likes to stir the pot with the rest of the staff resulting in frequent skirmishes.

Sally is also a good task performer and gets along well with the rest of the staff, however at times she is late and not always completely honest. Jill is an upstanding person who is liked by the staff, yet she struggles to understand essential aspects of her position.

Who is a valuable team member?

Good team members all share three essential traits known as the three C’s, Competence, Character, and Chemistry.

It is clear that competence is demanded in pharmacy. Today’s environment of slim margins dictates that each team member must be able to fill their position in a competent manner. Patient safety can never be compromised. A lack of competence can be overcome by being clear in your expectations and insisting that everyone be good teachers.

Character is also of utmost importance. Team members who have the heart of a servant, are honest and dependable, and have a good work ethic will always convey to your patients that your store is worthy of their trust. Any team member who lacks character can ruin the reputation of the entire store.

It is often the third C that leads to failure. It is nonnegotiable that all team members try to get along with others, be supportive of management decisions, and communicate well with all. Your staff is your most valuable asset, for only they can deliver your promise of excellent service to your patients.

In looking at the above examples, Joe is strong on two of the three C’s yet fails miserably on the other. If he were getting a grade, he would be at 2 out of 3 or 67%. Joe is not valuable at 67%. Helping him understand his shortcomings not only will bring him up to 100%, it will make everyone’ life easier.

Insist that every team member can pass the three C’s test. It certainly starts at the top. Good leaders who consistently show competence, character, and chemistry will set an example that will flow through all layers of the organization.

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