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To Increase Sales, Sometimes All We Have to Do is Ask

As pharmacists we are very comfortable in our role as clinicians. We are trained to spot drug interactions, identify precautions, and are willing to communicate any issues to the patients. But when it comes to promoting our stores or asking for business, we can suddenly become timid. A few years ago, at the start of my managers meeting, I asked each of my 20 managers to give me a dollar. Without hesitation, they each placed a dollar on the table. So, I asked them, “Why did you give me a dollar?” And they said, “because you asked”. And I said, “Exactly”.

As independents we have great relationships with our patients and providers. They come to you for that reason and most of the time they want to help you succeed. All you have to do is ask. Are there any prescriptions you have filled anywhere else that I could fill for you? Perhaps at one time they were under the impression that mail away was mandatory or a price was cheaper elsewhere. Is there anyone else in your family, or maybe friends that we could serve? It might not have occurred to them to mention to their relatives and friends how much they love your store. You probably have customers who get their prescriptions filled with you but then drive across town to pick things up for their parents.

A simple question may bring you business without any additional marketing expense. Your patients trust you. You give them exceptional service. They value your relationship. They want to help you succeed.
If you don’t believe me, just ask them.



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