What Licenses are Needed to Open a Pharmacy?

What Licenses are needed to open a pharmacy and how do I get them?

Can Independent Rx Consulting or anyone else help you speed up the licensing process for an independent pharmacy? Most of the time yes. The biggest factors within this is knowing what licenses are required, what you need to have prepared and where to get it. It isn’t just a DEA license, you have the state board, 3rd party billing and employee ID’s just to name a few.

The first step is creating a list of licenses/numbers you need. Then you must find the requirements to obtain the license or number. Once you have that you can create a task list of what needs done and when. For example in most states you need to have a lease, pharmacy build out and pharmacist hired prior to receiving a DEA license.

Independent Rx Consulting, www.independentrxconsulting.com has a checklist and timeline for licensing in your state which eliminates the pre work required speeding up the process.



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