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Today we are pleased to share this timely white paper titled “STRUCTURING COVID-19 PROTOCOLS FOR PHARMACIES” from one of our partners – the law firm of Brown & Fortunato, P.C.


We are facing an unprecedented challenge. COVID-19 has spread rapidly across the world
affecting workforces, global economies, and everyday individuals. While the virus has seemingly
turned the world as we know it upside down, good news is on the horizon. Through concerted
efforts of social distancing in the United States, it appears that the “curve is flattening” and states
are slowly beginning to reopen. With states reopening, pharmacies need to implement controls
that will not only protect the safety and health of its employees, but also its patients.

The motivation for a pharmacy to properly reopen is obvious and includes: (i) the desire to take
care of its patients; (ii) the desire to take care of its employees; (iii) the desire to keep its doors
open; and (iv) the desire to protect itself from plaintiffs’ attorneys who will likely come out of
the woodwork six months from now and sue pharmacies for negligence.

The purpose of this white paper is to provide guidance to pharmacies on structuring an
appropriate written protocol that implements necessary controls including: (i) what reliable
governmental sources a pharmacy can turn to for COVID-19 guidance; (ii) recommended
controls for pharmacy employees; and (iii) recommended controls for pharmacy patients.

Download the full White Paper in PDF format


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