Who is your Biggest Customer?

As independent pharmacists we all know our best customers. Perhaps it is Mary who is on ten maintenance meds, or Joe who takes several high dollar medications, or Doc who brings donuts to the staff every Thursday. But who is responsible for depositing the most money into your account, who is your “best” customer? Unfortunately it is not Mary, or Joe, or Doc.

It’s the PBMs.

Just as you take great pride in getting to understand Mary, Joe, and Doc you also have an obligation to understand your biggest payers. Who are your top five payers? What has been the trends of Rx filled, revenue, and margin? Has there been a change to the contract or enrollment? The Independent Rx Consulting Dashboard can have these answers at your fingertips along with every other metric that is vital to your business. Mary, Joe, and Doc will always be the heart of independepent pharmacy but knowing your numbers will allow you to continue to provide them with the service that can only come from an independent. By the way, tell Doc I prefer the jelly filled.



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