Pharmacist Employee Management

Words to Manage By at Your Independent Pharmacy

“Only an employee that is trained, appreciated, treated fairly, clear in their expectations, and is confident in their management can deliver the customer service that separates us from the competition. “

This paragraph had been my guide not only in managing staff but also clarifying my job as a manager. It is certainly true that outstanding customer service can only come from outstanding staff. Our staff is our most valuable asset and we must do all we can as managers to make sure each of the points in the paragraph are accomplished. The key is training. Most employees that are properly trained will be clear in their expectations and will feel more appreciated.

Here are a few tips-

  • Make training a priority and foster a culture where teaching is rewarded
  • Try to “catch people doing something right” and let them know you noticed and appreciated it
  • Have written job descriptions and be clear in expectations
  • Be approachable and willing to accept feedback from the staff

Again, great service comes from great staff. Helping each staff member be successful is your most important job as a manager.

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