You Need a Team to Help you Realize your Goals

  • Hire people smarter than you.
  • Get advisers that know something different.
  • Hire people with different skill sets.

We have all heard this advice. These are all ways of saying get a team. But why is this advice in every book, every article? It is not because people are trying to sell you services. It is everywhere because it is true. You as a pharmacy owner need a team since you can’t do it all. You are not an expert in sales, marketing, operations, inventory management, accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, management, etc. And even if you were there is not enough time in a day for one person to play all these roles.

So what should you do? Find a team, these may be technicians, a manager or it might be outsourcing accounting, marketing etc. Understand what you are good at and what you like to do then let others do everything else. Doing so makes finding the team easier, if you know what roles the team members have to play you can seek out individuals or companies that are really good at those roles.

Doing this will grow your business, make it more profitable and take the stress out of ownership.



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