You went to School to be a Pharmacist not a Bookkeeper

Go back to when you were 18.  You are in college trying to figure out what you were going to do as a career.  You want to help people and enjoy medicine but something about medical school isn’t a fit.  Then you discover pharmacy, it checks all the boxes and allows you to still be a healthcare professional.  This is why you became a pharmacist to help people through providing clinical outcomes.  

But you end up at the chain and you can’t practice the way you want.  So you buy a pharmacy and suddenly have to become an accountant.  In the beginning you do the bookkeeping because you want to know the ins and outs. 

Was this right and are you still doing the books?  If you are, do you like it, remember you became a pharmacy owner to be a pharmacist not to be an accountant.  Go back to being a pharmacist and let the accountants do the accounting. 

Doing so will make your business grow, be more profitable, create more time for you and make being a pharmacy owner fun again.  Most importantly you can do what you are best at being a pharmacist that helps people.



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